Four Hefty ReNew cartoon characters on a green background

Hefty ReNew Program Educational Resources

ReThink ReCyling with the Hefty ReNew™ Program

Learn why you should be a part of the Hefty ReNew Team! Join others in your community to reduce the amount of plastics in your local landfill and turn them into valued resources.

For the Kids (And Kids at Heart)

Meet your team and take on the challenge of fighting plastics! Download the kids educational toolkit here. When you complete this challenge, download your certificate here.

An image of four cartoon characters with the words reuse, recycle, reduce and recover above them.

For Adults

Sharpen your recycling knowledge while revisiting some of our favorite classic games. You can make a big impact in your community by taking small steps. Get the educational toolkit here.

An image showing games that can be played to help education adults on the Hefty ReNew Program, including a dart board with items on top of it and a stacking game.

Want to Learn Even More?

Check out videos to learn how the program works. 

Find out how Hefty® studies and tracks the program to make sure your efforts are making a positive impact on our environment.

The Hefty ReNew program is not available in all locations. Check with your municipality.