Assorted collection of Zoo Pal plates

Hefty® Zoo Pals™ Plates are back!

Your Favorite Pals Are Back!


The Hefty brand has been overwhelmed with countless messages, phone calls, social media posts, and petitions…and now, we're excited to officially bring back Zoo Pals so our fans can relive their fondest childhood memories and we can make eating fun for a whole new generation of kids! Each package of Zoo Pals plates include 10 of the original lovable Pals, including Curly the Pig, Domino the Dalmatian, and more.


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Thank you so much for all of your love and support for Hefty® Zoo Pals™ Plates! We are blown away by the response and are working to restock on both Amazon and so that you can start enjoying Zoo Pals™ again soon. You can also visit and follow the Hefty® brand on social media to find out when your favorite "Pals" are back in stock.



Have a blast from the past with these unique plates featuring ten original Zoo Pals animal designs. Get reintroduced to Curly the Pig, Fritz the Frog, Kosmo the Cow, Baloo the Whale, Tina the Tiger, Speckles the Ladybug, Domino the Dalmation, Shelly the Turtle, Puddles the Duck, and Theo the Bear!

Hefty Zoo Pals plates sitting on a picnic table


Oink oink, buzz buzz, and quack quack your way through parties, playdates, and snacktime, while making cleanup a breeze!

Children at a birthday party sitting at a table with Zoo Pals plates and fun finger food


Each plate features two dipping wells for more eating fun and holds just the right amount of sauces and sides like ketchup, ranch, peanut butter, candies, and more.

Child dipping a carrot in ranch using a Hefty Zoo Pals ladybug plate


Relive some of your fondest childhood memories while bringing the joy of mealtime with Zoo Pals™ plates to the next generation!

Children dipping chicken nuggets on Hefty Zoo Pals plates