Hefty® Ultra Strong with Coastal Plastic

Hefty® Ultra Strong made with 35% Recovered Materials includes 10% Coastal Plastic collected in partnership with Plastic Bank®. The remaining 25% is reclaimed plastic made of reused scrap material from Hefty's production process. 

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Hefty Ultra Strong Recovered Materials Coastal Packaging on Teal Background

Partnering with Plastic Bank

Hefty® is partnering with Plastic Bank® to help prevent coastal plastic pollution, while empowering coastal communities by providing economic opportunities in exchange for collected plastic.  


What is Coastal Plastic?

Coastal plastic is abandoned plastic collected within 30 miles of oceans and waterways.

Women walking on the beach holding plastic bottles

Meet the Plastic Bank® Community

Meet Kinten, one of the inspiring women among the Plastic Bank® collection community in Bali. She collects plastic from nearby temples, neighborhoods and beaches.

Women holding a plastic bottle on the beach

Turning Plastic Waste Into Worth

Kinten receives income and benefits that help her support herself and her children. She is grateful for an organization that allows her to provide a better life for her family.

Plastic bank employees shopping for food at a market

Working Together to Make a Difference

By looking for Hefty® Ultra Strong trash bags made with 10% coastal plastic you can help make a difference. Every little step matters.

Hefty Ultra Strong with Recovered Materials Including Coastal Plastic package against a teal background