Hefty® Storage Bins & Containers

Get organized with Hefty® Storage Bins & Containers, equipped with latched handles and double-rimmed walls for stacking. Available in multiple sizes.

  • Multiple sizes to meet your needs
  • Strong and durable storage bins also include lids
  • Also available in Hefty® Hi-Rise™ sizes with extra strength latches

Sizes Available

  • 6.5 qt Non-Latched
  • 6.5 qt Latched
  • 15 qt Latched
  • 29 qt Latched
  • 34 qt Latched
  • 52 qt Latched
  • 66 qt Latched
  • 100 qt Latched
  • 18 qt Hefty® Hi-Rise™
  • 32 qt Hefty® Hi-Rise™
  • 40 qt Hefty® Hi-Rise™
  • 72 qt Hefty® Hi-Rise™

Colors Available

  • Clear

Trash Bag Solutions

Get dependable strength for all your trash bag needs, from kitchen cleanup to yard work. Our products are sturdy, tear-resistant, and available in multiple sizes and scents.

Hefty® Sustainability

Hefty® is committed to sustainability, making recycled and compostable products that can be found on store shelves across the U.S.