Greater Omaha Program

Greater Omaha Participating Communities:

  • Bellevue
  • La Vista
  • Louisville
  • Omaha
  • Papillion
  • Ralston

Greater Omaha Drop-Off Locations

If you live in the greater Omaha area but do not currently have curbside recycling service, you can still participate in the Omaha program by taking full Hefty® ReNew® orange bags to the drop off locations listed here.

To learn more about the program, click here.

Find Where to Buy Bags

Map NB Omaha

Where to Buy Orange Bags

Residents can purchase Hefty® ReNew® orange bags online or at these participating retailers, located in the trash bag aisle.

During the transition period from the Hefty® EnergyBag® Program to the Hefty ReNew Program, both brands of bags will be accepted.

Buy at

Buy at

Boise and Ada County, Idaho Program
3003 N 108th Street Omaha NE 68164
Target 12500 K Plaza Omaha NE 68137
Target 3808 Twin Creek Dr Bellevue NE 68123
Target 4001 N 132nd St Omaha NE 68164
Target 17810 W Center Rd Omaha NE 68130
Target 718 N Washington St Papillion NE 68046
Target 7200 Dodge St Omaha NE 68114
Target 3808 Twin Creek Dr Bellevue NE 68123
Target 6636 N 73rd Plz Omaha NE 68122
Lowes 3333 N 147th Street Omaha NE 68116
Lowes 18375 Wright Street Omaha NE 68130
HyVee 1000 S 178th Street Omaha NE 68118
HyVee 10808 Fort Street Omaha NE 68164
HyVee 14591 Stonybrook Blvd Omaha NE 68137
HyVee 17810 Welch Plaza Omaha NE 68135
HyVee 3410 N. 156th Plaza Lincoln NE 68116
HyVee 5150 Center Street Omaha NE 68106
HyVee 747 N 132nd Street Omaha NE 68154
HyVee 7910 Cass Street Omaha NE 68114
HyVee 8404 N 30th Street Omaha NE 68112
HyVee 8809 West Center Road Omaha NE 68124
HyVee 9707 Q Street Omaha NE 68127
HyVee 11650 S 73rd Street Papillion NE 68046
Bakers 888 S Saddle Creek Rd Omaha NE 68106
Bakers 7312 N 30th Street Omaha NE 68112
Bakers 4405 N 72nd Street Omaha NE 68134
Bakers 5555 N 90th Street Omaha NE 68134
Bakers 801 Galvin Road S Bellevue NE 68005
Bakers 3614 Twin Creek Drive Bellevue NE 68123
Bakers 12025 W Center Rd Omaha NE 68144
Bakers 13250 W Maple Road Omaha NE 68164
Bakers 505 N 155th Plaza Omaha NE 68154
Bakers 17370 Lakeside Hills Plz Omaha NE 68130
Family Fare 3026 S 24th Street Omaha NE 68108
Family Fare 820 N Saddle Creek Road Omaha NE 68132
Family Fare 5019 Grover Street Omaha NE 68106
Family Fare 7402 N 30th Street Omaha NE 68112
Family Fare 5101 Harrison Street Omaha NE 68157
Family Fare 2650 N 90th Street Omaha NE 68134
Family Fare 1230 N Washington St Papillion NE 68046
Family Fare 5510 S 108th Street Omaha NE 68137
Family Fare 14444 W Center Road Omaha NE 68144
Family Fare 1221 S 203rd Street Omaha NE 68022
Menards 7337 L Street Ralston NE 68127
Menards 10501 S 21st Street Bellevue NE 68123
Menards 708 N 120th Street Omaha NE 68154
Menards 750 N 205th Street Elkhorn NE 68022
Walmart 12850 L St Omaha NE 68137
Walmart 6304 N 99th St Omaha NE 68134
Walmart 8525 S. 71st St. Pla Papillion NE 68133
Walmart 10504 S 15th St Bellevue NE 68123
Walmart 5018 Ames Ave Omaha NE 68104
Walmart 2451 North 90th Street Omaha NE 68134
Walmart 6710 S 167th St Omaha NE 68135
Walmart 2109 Towne Center Dr Bellevue NE 68123
Walmart 5051 L St Omaha NE 68117
Walmart 9460 Giles Rd La Vista NE 68128
Walmart 18201 Wright St Omaha NE 68130
Walmart 13105 Birch Dr Omaha NE 68164
Walmart 360 North Saddlecreek Road Omaha NE 68131
Walmart 1606 S 72nd St Omaha NE 68124
Walmart 11350 Wickersham Blvd Gretna NE 68028
Walmart 16960 W Maple Rd Omaha NE 68116

What We Collect

Learn more about which hard-to-recycle plastic items can be collected in the Hefty ReNew™ program.

Hefty® Responsibility

We believe in the Hefty® Responsibility to make sure hard-to-recycle plastics you collect (program-acceptable) get repurposed and are kept out of landfills.