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Hefty® Responsibility

ReThink ReCycling with the Hefty ReNew™ Program

We believe in the Hefty® Responsibility to make sure hard-to-recycle plastics you collect (program-acceptable) get repurposed and are kept out of landfills. 

We help pick up where traditional recycling leaves off. The Hefty ReNew Program™ is an opportunity to give some hard-to-recycle plastics a second life as a valued resource. 

Together, we can ReThink ReCycling with ReNew™! 

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What do acceptable hard-to-recycle plastics become?

Hefty® Responsibility means we are committed to finding the best and most environmentally-friendly ways to use the collected plastics. We are continually reviewing and identifying new potential end markets as opportunities change and grow. 

Our priority is mechanical end markets which use the hard-to-recycle plastics to make items including building products, construction materials and plastic lumber. Companies have included: ByFusion and Solutions Plastic Lumber and Decking Products. When this is not possible, materials may be used in advanced recycling or to replace some of the coal that fuels the kilns used in cement manufacturing. In all cases our team has conducted research to make sure any alternative we use is better for the environment than simply landfilling.

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Accountability Is Important

Knowing where our materials go, how they get there, and ensuring they are processed in the manner intended is all part of the Hefty® Responsibility

We audit our program and regularly work with our partners to validate the process. We also conduct third party Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to measure the environmental impact of the program compared to landfilling the material.

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The Hefty ReNew™ Program believes it's important for everyone to be able to recycle to build a sustainable future. We're working on making it easier for more communities to have access to our specially designed recycling bags while supporting program costs. We look forward to growing our program, offering more free starter kits, and adding additional drop-off locations as more communities join in so we can all work together to make a positive difference!

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The Hefty ReNew program is not available in all locations. Check with your municipality.