Hefty® Printed and Tinted Cups

Hefty® Printed and Tinted Cups bring color and design to everyday use and special occasions. 

  • Premium quality
  • Patterned plastic cups in fun, stylish colors
  • Great for entertaining and everyday use

Sizes Available

  • 18 oz

Colors Available

  • Flower print
  • Green tint

Recycle & Compost

  • Product: Check locally - not recycled in all communities, not compostable
  • Package: Store drop-off for recycling, not compostable

Hefty® Sustainability

Hefty® is committed to sustainability, making recycled and compostable products that can be found on store shelves across the U.S.

Set the Table

Hefty® durable tableware holds up to your messiest meals, like ribs at a picnic or spaghetti at dinner. Check out our styles and sizes for every occasion.