Assorted collection of Zoo Pal plates

Hefty® Zoo Pals® Return

John Cena lifting up a car

Hefty® Strong All Day Long

Box of ReNew bags on countertop next to a trash can lined with a bag and full of hard to recycle waste

Hefty ReNew Program

Storage Strawberries

Hefty® Storage Bags

The Latest From Hefty®

New Hefty® Press to Close Bags

Introducing our first-ever Hefty® Press to Close plastic bags!

Hefty press to close boxes in a line on an orange gradient background

Recover more Plastics with the Hefty ReNew Program

The innovative Hefty ReNew program gives communities a way to collect otherwise hard-to-recycle plastics at curbside. Find out if the program is available in your area.

Hefty® Sustainability

In addition to our landmark Hefty ReNew program, Hefty® recycled, recyclable, and compostable products can be found on store shelves across the U.S.