Hefty® Lets Trash do the Talking

Hefty® is making trash the unexpected highlight of the day with limited-edition Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Talking Trash bags, featuring 20 unique phrases printed directly on the bags.

With fun sayings like “Who you callin’ trash?” and “Bag full of ca$h,” limited-edition Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Talking Trash bags can be purchased for $5.49 (the price of the same regular box). The Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Talking Trash bags are available in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-served basis.

The limited-edition bags are made from Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Scent-Free 13-gallon bags and are available in a 20-count box featuring a unique saying on every bag.

Bag sayings include:

  1. Who you callin’ trash?
  2. I’m so trashy
  3. You want a piece of me?
  4. Bag full of ca$h
  5. Feed me tacos & tell me I’m pretty
  6. Full of hopes & dreams
  7. Burnt dinners & takeout containers
  8. Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!
  9. Feeling like garbage today
  10. Cherish your dreams, trash the rest
  11. I’ve got 99 problems but trash ain’t one
  12. It’s what’s on the inside that counts
  13. I’m not a regular bag, I’m a cool bag
  14. Swiped left
  15. In time-out
  16. Same time next week?
  17. Oh, this old thing?
  18. #goals
  19. Heavyweight champ
  20. Tie me up 

Starting September 23, consumers can buy Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Talking Trash bags at www.HeftyCostsLessThanGlad.com*.

*Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags cost less than Glad® ForceFlex® where sold head to head based on the average retail price per bag. Nielsen 52 Weeks ending 06/29/2019.