Hefty® EnergyBag™ Citrus Heights Pilot Program

Sponsored by Dow, the Flexible Packaging Association and Republic Services, along with the City of Citrus Heights, a three-month EnergyBag™ pilot program kicked off in 2014. It was the first of its kind in the United States to prove that non-recycled plastics could be collected at curbside and diverted from landfills in order to optimize resource efficiency.

Materials collected during the pilot were converted into high-value synthetic crude oil at a local plastics-to-energy plant that used a patented thermal pyrolysis technology.


  • 1/3 of targeted homeowners participated at some point during the pilot.

  • ~8,000 bags were collected in three months.

  • ~6,000 pounds of non-recycled plastics were diverted from landfills.

  • 512 gallons of synthetic crude oil were produced.

Click here to download a white paper with more results from the pilot program.



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