Use Your Leftover Valentine's Day Candy: Ideas for Yummy Valentine’s Day Crafts & More

Once February 14th comes and goes, most of us end up having more Valentine’s Day candy on hand than we know what to do with! Eating a candy bar straight from the wrapper is always a good option, but there are other fun ways to use your leftovers in Valentine’s Day crafts and baked goods.

So before you toss your leftover Valentine’s Day candy, try out some of Hefty’s easy, tasty ideas for what to do with conversation hearts, chocolate and more:


1.) Place conversation hearts in clear glass vases instead of marbles or decorative stones for a pretty way to brighten up any room.
2.) Add chopped up candy to your next batch of cookies, brownies or blondies. Candy bars make a fun substitute for typical chocolate or butterscotch chips. Alternatively, roll a mini candy bar between two balls of cookie dough and bake for indulgent stuffed cookies.
3.) Mix candy hearts and chopped chocolate with pretzels, nuts and dried fruit for sweet and salty homemade trail mix that makes a great snack.
4.) Spread melted chocolate on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Top with crushed leftover Valentine’s Day candy and freeze for yummy homemade candy bark.
5.) Need a gift for a friend or neighbor? Make them a DIY cookie kit, complete with a roll of sugar cookie dough and leftover chopped candy pieces to bake into the cookies.
6.) You’ll save money on your Easter candy if you save leftover Valentine’s Day candy in the freezer. Place leftover candy in freezer bags and store until you need it again.
7.) Conversation hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Save your leftovers and serve candy hearts at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.
8.) Have a fondue night at home! Melt leftover candy bars over low heat to make delicious candy bar chocolate fondue. Use strawberries, pineapple, cubed pound cake and marshmallows for dipping.


The holiday might be over, but the time for post-Valentine’s Day crafts and baking is just getting started. There’s really no such thing as too many sweets, so be sure to make the most out of your leftover Valentine’s Day candy! 

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