Throw a Non-Ghostly Get-Together—Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Funny Mummy

Give teams rolls of crepe paper (or toilet paper). When the music starts, one team member must stand still while the other wraps him or her like a mummy from the neck down. When the music stops, the “mummies” have to hop to the finish line without tearing the paper. The first intact mummy to cross the finish line wins.

String Along

Tie a string or ribbon around cider donuts and suspend them so they are at the height of your young guests. Then challenge your party attendees to stand on their tippy toes and eat the donuts without using their hands.

Winning Looks

Create a fun costume contest where everyone’s look wins an award. Make a runway where every kid can walk down, model their costume and announce what they are! At the end, give out special certificates or tiny trophies for everything from Most Scary to Most Sparkly and more. 

Spook-tacular S’mores

Set up an outdoor s’more station with adult supervision. Besides the standard chocolate, offer up sliced fruit, caramels and fun-size candy bars. In addition to graham crackers, put out chocolate or vanilla wafer cookies.

Do More With Hefty
Do More With Hefty