Taking a Road Trip? Here’s How to Pack

You already know what to pack in your luggage (link off to luggage checklist). This is our list of six suggestions for your road trip packing list of what you’ll to have within hand’s reach when you’re cruising down the road. 


1) Tiny cooler. Keep a couple drinks and snacks nearby so you don’t have to pull over for every craving.

2) Easy slip on/off shoes for everyone. No more waiting for shoes to get tied when there’s a scenic overlook to enjoy.

3) Hand wipes and paper towels. Perfect for wiping up spills and wiping down sticky fingers and faces.

4) A road atlas. It may seem retro when you have GPS, but an atlas lets the little ones follow along and lets you discover points of interest you may have passed by.

5) Stock slider bags with fun activities: crayons, bingo cards, word puzzles and portable games. Bust boredom by having a new treat or two nearby.

6) Family-friendly audio books downloaded to your portable music player. Audio books are better than DVDs because everyone, even the driver, can enjoy them while soaking in the scenery.

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