Sweet Birthday Treat Ideas: Birthday Treats for School

When children’s birthdays fall during the school year, bringing in birthday treats for in-class celebrations is the new norm. Use these five sweet suggestions for prepping and transporting birthday treats to school.

  • Enlist the birthday boy or girl to help select a recipe and ask for their help in baking and decorating. Chances are, they’ll be even more excited to share treats that they had a hand in preparing.


  • Use EZ foil pans to bake a cake or even just one to transport cupcakes to school (Be sure the bottom is supported). Disposable bakeware means one less thing to worry about on the big day.


  • Bar cookies are an excellent (and potentially less messy) alternative to the expected cupcakes. Our favorite is simply adding plain chocolate chips to blondies.


  • Remember, treats don’t always have to be sweet. Make a savory snack mix ahead of time. Divide portions into slider bags. Curl and tie ribbon in their favorite color around the top of the bags for a festive touch.
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