Make a Chores List & Choose Your Chores

House Cleaning Tips for Two

You’ve exchanged “I Dos”, but are you now ready to exchange to-do’s and chores lists? As spouses, you already share so much. Here are some helpful house cleaning tips on how to share the responsibility of all those around-the-house chores. 

Playing Favorites

Sit down together. Now, you should each write down 10 chores you don’t mind doing and 10 chores you hate. Compare chore lists to help break down who gets what. If there are chores you both dislike doing, alternate whose responsibility it will be by week or make a game of chance out of it and flip a coin.

Odds & Ends

Take the guesswork out of whose turn it is to do daily tasks like taking out the trash. Divide up these daily to-dos by drawing for even and odd days. If you’re lucky enough to draw the even days, just be sure to treat your spouse extra nice on those months that end with a 31st.

Please & Thank You

Just like in any other part of life, positive reinforcement goes a long way. Remember to thank your spouse for a job well done. Dividing up household chores can seem like a daunting task, but in the long run, you’ll both be grateful that you made the effort!  

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