Refrigerator 101: How to Organize Your Fridge Before and After Your Party

By Kitchen Daily


Take the stress out of party planning by organizing your refrigerator before the big event! A little preparation beforehand can help maximize your fridge space, so you won't have to worry where all those extra groceries will fit. We're sharing 12 essential tips for organizing your refrigerator before and after parties, so tasks like planning your grocery list to packing leftovers can be simple and easy!

Before the event

A little fridge re-organization before your event will help you entertain without a hitch.

1. Make room

You'll need to clear space in your fridge for all your party supplies. Toss any food that has expired or you're unlikely to ever use. If you have multiples of condiments or sauces, consolidate them in one bottle or jar.

2. Double-check inventory

Before shopping for supplies, take inventory to make sure you don't already have them! That way you can avoid buying multiples or overstocking.

3. Prep ingredients beforehand

Whatever you can do before the big event, do it. Prepare ingredients beforehand and store them in see-through plastic bags or containers.

4. Go vertical

Stackable containers use space efficiently. Store plastic bags flat and on top of one another.

5. Make a grab-and-go party bin

Try storing party supplies in inexpensive baskets! You can label the baskets as party essentials and keep everything in one place.

6. Keep food fresh

Store food in the appropriate place in the fridge to keep it fresh longer. For example, meat should go on the bottom shelf, vegetables should go in the vegetable bin and fruit should go in the crisper.

7. Adjust shelves

If you have adjustable shelves, take advantage of them to accommodate larger items and use fridge space efficiently.

8. Keep it chilly

Turn the fridge temperature down during parties. Opening the door frequently will cause the temperature to fluctuate.

9. Invest in another unit

If you entertain frequently, consider investing in a second fridge or freezer.

After the event

These are the best ways to store all those leftovers in your fridge.

1. Take it off the serving dish

It might seem tempting to leave food on the serving dish and just wrap it to store in the fridge, but transferring leftovers to small plastic containers will save you tons of space.

2. Break it down

Rather than storing food in its whole form, break it down to save space. For example, separate turkey meat from the bones and store in a container with some of its broth. Or, slice cake into servings and use wax paper to divide slices in a container.

3. Label everything

Make sure to label your food storage containers and bags with the name of the food and date cooked. Masking tape and a sharpie work great! 

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