Our Tips for Successful Summer Cookouts

Charcoal or gas, test out the grill the night before your party. You don’t want to discover at the last minute that you’re out of propane or need charcoal.

One-stop condiment stations make it easier for everyone to dress their hot dog or burger. Use a muffin pan and fill it with ketchup, mustards, mayonnaises, diced onions, and relishes. Set out spoons and knives. Then, there’s less to clean at party’s end.

Open up the cooler on the back porch. Stock it with your favorite chilled beverages. Remember to tie a bottle opener to either end so your guests can grab and go.

Kebabs are fun way to ensure everyone gets what they want to eat. If you’re using wooden or bamboo skewers, soak them in water beforehand to ensure they (and your kebabs!) stay in one piece.

Outdoor dining can also bring unwanted guests (and pests). Keep your food covered with nylon mesh food tents or even a tea towel to minimize buzzing guests from dropping in.

Up in the air about who wants what? Create a chalkboard checklist for the grill master. As guests arrive, invite them to put slash marks by burgers, hot dogs or veggie burgers so there’s enough of everything to go around.

Time to clean up. Use your outdoor waste cans so you don’t have to bring trash indoors only to take it out again. Clearly designate one waste bag for recyclables and another for trash. 

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