Thanksgiving Food Trays for Kids

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather…and enjoy delicious food. For youngsters at the kiddie table, it’s a bit more challenging to clear plates. Conquer the “no mixing” rule and appease picky eaters by packaging up your kid-friendly Thanksgiving spread in the most appealing way with Hefty® Everyday™ Foam Trays. Keep your fussy eaters happy with these simple Thanksgiving foods for kids:

  • Turkey – Skip the white meat. Drumsticks are more fun to eat with your hands!
  • Stuffing – Make stuffing in a Reynolds® Baking Cup so it is shaped like a muffin.
  • Gravy – Keep gravy on the side in case kids want to dunk their drumstick or other foods
  • Cranberries – Serve flavored gelatin (instead of sauce)

We’re thankful for happy kiddos and easy clean-up with throwaway trays. 

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Do More With Hefty