Hefty Helps With Tailgating Ideas

Easy Fall Tailgating Ideas from Tailgate Food to Clean Up


1.  On a small folding table, set out assorted toppings and condiments. Putting together a place where people can grab what they need to dress their hot dog or load up their burger.

2.  Transport everyone’s favorites 7-layer dip and chicken wings in EZ Foil Pans. They’re disposable, so that’s one less thing to have to bring home.

3.  When temperatures dip, hot beverages are a quick crowd pleaser. Bring thermoses of hot water, individual cocoa packets and a bag of mini marshmallows for a nice way to warm up.

4.  Pack a Frisbee or set up a beanbag toss to ensure everyone is entertained and give the guy or gal at the grill a break from everyone checking in on their progress.

5.  Make cleanup quick and simple! Our must-haves: disposable plates and cups, utensils, paper towels and large trash bags.

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