Getting Ready for College: Dorm Organization Tips

Getting Ready for College: Dorm Organization Tips


Divide and Conquer

When getting ready for college, talk to your roommate over the summer and divide up what needs to be bought for the dorm. Avoid any duplicates and save money at the same time. Sharing space can be trying, so it’s smart to start early.

Snack On

Snack more strategically. Don’t buy individual bags of your favorite snacks. Go in together with your roommate or friends on the floor and buy in bulk. Then, together divide snacks into slider bags so you can all have variety in just the right amount to satisfy your cravings.

Rack to School

When closet space is at a premium, store what you can vertically. Over-the-door coat racks can also be used to store scarves or hang handbags or totes. And, use tie hangers for belts and skirt hangers to hang boots. 

Over and Under

Dorm organization requires you to utilize storage where you can. Storage Solutions plastic containers and suitcases easily slide under the bed. These sorts of containers are the perfect place to store shoes or undergarments and socks.

Double Duty

Look for furniture that serves a dual purpose. A storage ottoman offers extra seating and additional storage space to stow away this or that.

Do More With Hefty
Do More With Hefty