Five Surprising Uses for Slider Bag Travel Bags

You may already use Slider Bag Travel Bags to store your TSA-approved-size toiletries on airplane trips, but now, here are five other ways to use these tiny wonders while traveling.



1) Keep important documents, like passports, boarding passes and itineraries, together in one waterproof place.

2) Store your underwear and socks in them to ensure they stay dry on camping trips. 

3) Bring along a small bottles of detergent and stain remover in a slider bag. If you need to, you can wash clothes in the hotel sink. Don’t give stains the chance to set over the rest of your time away.

4) Pack crayons and markers in them. Pair the art supplies with a couple coloring books to keep little hands occupied on long plane rides.

5) Bring along extras and place damp swimsuits and trunks in them rather than letting the rest of your luggage get wet. 

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Do More With Hefty