Five Surprising Uses for Hefty Plastic Cups: Crafts for Kids & More

1. Roll out your favorite sugar cookie or gingerbread cookie dough. Then use Hefty Plastic Cups as a circle cookie cutter to make symmetrical sweets.

2. Make popsicle eating less messy for little ones. Cut a slit in the bottom of the cup and then slide the popsicle stick through.

3. Take art supplies on the road and keep them in a cupholder. Place a handful of markers and crayons in a plastic cup and pass them back when little passengers announce they’re bored.

4. Teach kids about gardening. Use Hefty Plastic Cups to start seedlings. With a nail, poke 1–3 drainage holes on the bottom. Fill the cups with potting soil and add marigold seeds.

5. Store fragile holiday ornaments in plastic cups in boxes to prevent bumping and breaking.

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Do More With Hefty