Take Out the Trash: Garage Organization Tips

Hefty How-To: DIY Garage Storage  

Get ready for fall. Work together as a family to make over the way you all take care of garbage, inside the garage and out.

  • If possible, do not store your trash cans in the garage. They take up space and are not the most pleasant way to say, “welcome home.” Storing them beside the house or behind it makes for a more pleasant space.
  • After the next garbage day, enlist help from the family to rinse and wash out all of your indoor wastebaskets and outdoor trash cans. Use dishwashing liquid and the garden hose as a pressure hose for a deeper clean.
  • Re-familiarize your family with your local recycling program. Set up a recycling station with 29 qt. Storage Solutions plastic tubs and trash bags. Unless your recycling is single-sort, you’ll want separate tubs for metal, glass, plastic and paper. Ask for everyone’s help in sorting.
  • Hang a hook by the back door. Hang reusable totes and plastic bags so when you’re running out a need a bag or two, they are always right there within hand’s reach.


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