DIY Seasonal Trash Bag Wreath

Seasonal decorating just got a lot easier thanks to this DIY wreath, a customizable wall dressing that is easy for kids of all ages to make! Pick up a box of Hefty® Ultimate™ Trash Bags for a Winter Wonderland wreath or Hefty® Extra Strong Multipurpose Trash Bags for Halloween, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Bend a clothing hanger into a circle
  2. Cut trash bags into narrow strips (one to two inches wide)
  3. Tie strips around hanger until wreath is fully covered 
  4. Fluff strips to add volume
  5. Adhere your own finishing touches!

Here is some inspiration:   

  • Winter Wonderland Wreath (white): add glitter, festive baubles and tiny winter cottages 
  • Halloween Wreath (black): add googly eyes, spiders and cobwebs 

To get in the spooky spirit, check out this Halloween Wreath how-to video below: