DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home – Spooky Scarecrow How-To

This is a fun fall activity for you and the kids. If you want to make him for Halloween, add a mask or paint a spooky face.

1) Find an outfit for your scarecrow. A long-sleeved button-down shirt in a fabric like flannel and sturdy denim pants or overalls work best. Place the shirt inside the overalls or tuck it inside the pants to get started.

2) Start on the stuffing. Fill a variety of plastic bags and garbage bags with newspaper or straw. This way, your scarecrow’s stuffing is waterproofed. Use these bags to fill out the outfit. Remember to leave space near the armholes and leg holes to add in loose straw.

3) Paint the scarecrow’s face on an old pillowcase. (It will probably be easier to paint before you stuff it!) Stuff the pillowcase halfway full with an old towel, newspapers or straw to fill out his face. Tie up the open end and attach it to the inside of your scarecrow’s stuffed shirt.

4) Use a sturdy pole (e.g., a broomstick) run a sturdy pole through the body of the scarecrow and to plant it firmly in the ground. 

5) Using the pole, prop up your scarecrow. Add loose straw near the armholes and leg holes. Add a cap or a hat.

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