Mission: Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Like the saying goes “every pot has a lid,” but now do you know where that lid is?

Here are five of our favorite easy (and inexpensive) kitchen organization tips for conquering clutter where it lurks behind closed doors—the kitchen cabinets.

Simplified Storage

Fill a dish drying rack with all of your lids. Keep this rack in the same cabinet where you’ve stacked your pots, pans or food storage containers. Take the guesswork out of it and grab what you need at a glance.

Spice It Up

Place broom and mop holders on the back of kitchen cabinet drawers and clip in the spices that you use the most. So when it comes time to cook, it’s easy to grab the ingredients you need in a pinch.

Spin & Win

Place your most frequently used ingredients and spices on a Lazy Susan turntable in your cabinet. So rather than rifling through everything, you can grab what you need with just a spin.

Snack Station

Transform a basket into a snack station. Place snack-size portions of crackers, chips, nuts or dried fruit into slider bags. Seal the bags and place them in to the basket. Now it’s easy for kids to grab an afternoon snack or pack food for the go.

Stick Around

Adhere a knife magnet to the back of a cupboard door, but don’t use it to store knives. Use it to keep your less frequently used small metal utensils like tongs and whisks up and away.

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