Clean Up Tips for Your Thanksgiving Feast

1) In the days before, clean and organize your refrigerator. Make sure there’ll be enough space for everything you have yet to buy and all those delicious leftovers.

2) Triple line your trash can with Hefty® Ultimate with Arm & Hammer Odor Control Kitchen Bags with tear and puncture resistance for improved strength. When the first bag is full, you’ll have another bag all ready to go.

3) Cut down on clean up and prepare your turkey in one of our oval or rectangular EZ Foil Roaster Pans. They’re sturdy, reliable—and disposable. 

4) You’ve already done a lot. Now, ask for help. Let little ones clear the table and ask grown-ups to help scrubbing and cleaning the dishes, and loading the dishwasher.

5) Send everyone home with leftovers. Set out a variety of Clip Fresh Food Storage Containers with ice packs to keep food cool, and invite everyone to take food home. 

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Do More With Hefty