Chore Ideas: Family Chores for the Holidays

The holidays are time for giving and sharing so why not share the responsibility? Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the season so delegate your to-do list and allow yourself a moment to relax in the midst of the holiday bustle.

Here are five chore ideas and holiday tasks that you might be tempted to take on and our ways everyone else can pitch in.

1) Shoveling Snow – Fresh snow is lighter to shovel. So ask everyone to do their part early before any ice forms.

2) Buying and Making Gifts for Teachers – Give kids the chance to buy or make something for their teachers.

3) Holiday Decorating – Make holiday decorating an event. Have a family dinner of party food and transform tree trimming into a festive occasion.

4) Wrapping Presents – Take advantage of everyone’s busy schedules and ask other family members to pitch in and wrap when the recipient is not around.

5) Holiday Cards – Ask for help in addressing holiday cards. If your little ones’ penmanship isn’t ready for this task, they might enjoy helping stuff and stamp cards.



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