Rest Easy: Bedroom Organization for Fall

Expert Organizing Tips

Rotate your mattress every three months. If you get in the habit of flipping it over with the change of every season, it will extend the life of your mattress.

Electrical devices are an integral part of everyday life but their presence can make it harder to fall asleep. So, decide on a cut-off time with your spouse where all gadgets must be put aside so that you can begin to wind down before beginning to fall asleep.

Store your clothes in your dresser smartly. Keep socks and undergarments in the top drawers and heavier items like sweaters on the bottom.

Take a moment to check for drafts. Move your hand along the edges of windows, doors, and moldings. If you can rattle doors or windows, there’s the possibility of an air leak. Fixing drafts before fall can result in energy savings well into winter.

Eclectic prints and patterns make for a mix-and-match style that’s more uniquely yours. So go ahead, forego those classic white sheets. Combine solid, striped and patterned sheets and quilts, and then toss in two or three throw pillows for added texture.

Accessories and jewelry can be difficult to keep organized. Divided acrylic drawer trays make it easier to store earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If you’d rather display your baubles, a wall-mounted shadowbox makes for a chic display.

Sheets in fabrics like flannel and jersey make it easier to stay toasty. Once temperatures begin to drop, swap out and store your summer sheets in new Storage Solutions containers.

Your bedroom should be an oasis and a respite. Surround yourself with calming colors that soothe you and make it easier to rest and relax.



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