Back to School Brown Bag Lunch Ideas: Easy Kids’ Lunch Ideas

Hefty How-To: Brown Bag Lunches  

Here are a few tips and tricks for pre-preparing and packing school lunches more quickly and effectively. 

  • Divide portions of snacks like carrot sticks, grapes, pretzels or crackers in to slider bags ahead of time to make it easier to grab and go.
  • Devote space in both the refrigerator and pantry exclusively for lunch items. If everything is together in one place, it will be quicker to pack up that day’s lunch.
  • Add color and vitamins to their midday! Use food storage containers to pack fruit salad or mixed berries for a lunchtime fruit fix.
  • Wrap it up! Rather than sliced bread, why not wrap up sandwich fixings in a tortilla for a fun twist?
  • Pack protein. Individual cups of cottage cheese are a filling favorite. Throw in some blueberries or sliced strawberries for a sweet touch.
  • It’s crunch time! Slice red and yellow bell peppers and jicama. Pack them with baby carrots. Then use non-fat Greek yogurt and your favorite vegetable dip mix to create an accompaniment that’s low on fat and full of flavor

Get creative with what to put in the thermos. Mac & cheese, chili or even spaghetti and meatballs can all be stored and then served hot.

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