Back to School: Balancing Chores and After-School Activities

After School Activities for Kids: Balancing Fun with Chores for Kids

Rushing back and forth to soccer games and piano lessons can easily take up an afternoon, and then, once homework is done, it’s a wonder there’s any time to do anything besides fall asleep, much less do chores. Here are three ways to strike a balance and work with kids to make sure it all gets done and done well.

Early Birds

Assign chores that can be accomplished in the morning. It can be as simple as making the bed or assuming responsibility for taking the trash cans and recycling to the curb for pickup.

Better Together

Devote a space in the garage or utility room for sports equipment, musical instruments, sheet music and any and all after-school activity supplies. Using plastic tubs like Storage Solutions can keep the clutter at bay.

Dinner Winner

In addition to setting and clearing the table, ask the kids to help you prepare dinner. Work ahead of time together on the weekends to shop and set a menu. Then on weeknights, having many hands means meal prep goes faster.

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