Surprising Home Storage Ideas and Food Storage Tips Using Slider Storage Bags

Slider Storage Bags can be used for everything from marinating meat to storing office supplies.

1) Homemade Bubble Wrap

Slide the bag shut around a straw. Using the straw, inflate the bag and then quickly seal the bag for quick bubble wrap.

2) Sweeter Scoops

This food storage tip will keep ice cream soft and easy to scoop. Place your container in a sealed slider storage bag before placing it in the freezer.

3) Winter Wear

Use slider storage bags to keep everyone’s hats, mittens, gloves and scarves together in one place. This simple home storage tip will make it easy to grab what you need to stay warm.

4) Spa-Day Secret

Get smoother and softer feet faster. Put lotion on your feet and then slide the plastic slider bag over your hands before wrapping them in warm towels.

5) Plug-In Power

Keep power cords organized and bag them up. Write on the bag which device it belongs to and store them all in a drawer. So they stay in one place—and stay untangled.

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