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Hefty EZ Foil® pans are perfect for cooking a range of convenient homemade meals, as well as transporting treats to parties and cookouts. The Hefty line of EZ Foil® pans comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for all your needs. Use them for baking, as an aluminum roasting pan and much more.  These reliable disposable aluminum pans are even available with a selection of festive lids; perfect for holiday events! Available Styles: Hefty® EZ Foil® Bake Pans (Cake, Pie, Loaf, Cookie, Pizza, Muffin); Hefty® EZ Foil® Roasting Pans (Oval Roaster; Rectangular Roaster); Hefty® EZ Foil® Casserole Pans; (Rectangular; Round; Oval); Hefty® EZ Foil® Serving Pans (Rectangular Tray; Round Tray; Bowl); Hefty® EZ Foil® Clean-Up Pans (Burner bibs; Oven liner); Hefty® EZ Foil® Outdoor Living Pans (Drip pans; Brat pans; Grill pans; Salad pans; Chill-Pak); Hefty® EZ Foil® Broiling Pans.

The Box Tops for Education* coupon appears on select Hefty® EZ Foil® pans.

*Box Tops for Education is a trademark of General Mills, used with permission. 



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