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Hefty® EnergyBag™ Omaha Area Program

The Hefty® EnergyBag™ program is currently underway in the Omaha area, where hard-to-recycle plastics are being collected and converted into valuable resources. With support from local mayors, the program demonstrates the feasibility of collecting non-recycled plastics, sorting them at  local materials recycling facilities and effectively converting them into energy resources at energy conversion facilities – all via an existing waste management infrastructure.

The program launched in Omaha in September 2016 for 6,000 local households (Recyclebank members) and has already expanded across the Omaha metro area to Louisville, Ralston, Papillion and La Vista. We are also working towards implementing the program in other regions - including Bellevue, which is scheduled to kick off this summer.

As of December 2017, the Hefty® EnergyBag™ program has collected more than 21,200 bags in the Omaha area and diverted 12 tons of plastic, the equivalent of approximately 9.3 million snack-sized chip bags, from landfills.  

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How to Buy Hefty® EnergyBag™ Orange Bags

If you live in the Omaha area and would like to participate in the program, you can purchase Hefty® EnergyBag™ orange bags locally at these participating Hy-Vee stores:

Hy-Vee #1 5150 Center

Hy-Vee #2 14591 Stony Brook Blvd

Hy-Vee #3 8809 W Center Road

Hy-Vee #4 10808 Fort Street

Hy-Vee #5 7910 Cass St

Hy-Vee #6 9707 Q Street

Hy-Vee #8 747 N 132nd St

Hy-Vee #9 17810 Welch Plaza

Hy-Vee #10 3410 N. 156th Street

Hy-Vee #11 1000 S. 178th Street

Hy-Vee Papillion 11650 S. 73rd Street


Hefty® EnergyBag™ orange bags are also available to purchase online using the button below.

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Omaha Area Drop-Off Locations

If you live in the Omaha area but don’t currently have curbside recycling service, you can still participate in the Omaha program by taking full Hefty® EnergyBag™ orange bags to the drop off locations listed here.


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