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Throw a Superhero Themed Birthday Party

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s an incredible superhero themed birthday party! Give your kids’ celebration a super powered BANG with these easy superhero party crafts: 


Your partygoers will love their own personalized capes – depending on the size of your guest, cut out a Hefty® Odor Block™ Tall Kitchen Bag (ages 3 – 5) or a Hefty® Extra Strong Lawn & Leaf Bag (ages 6 – adult), scallop the unfolded edge, and adhere a comic book art-inspired name tag. 


For arms of steel, use Hefty’s NEW Ultimate™ Easy Grip™ Crack Resistant Party Cups to create POW-worthy wrist guards. Simply cut out the bottom of each cup and line the raw edge with colorful duct tape. Let party guests take it from here and customize their wrist guards with stickers of their choice!


A superhero never reveals their true identity! Mask your party guests with these paper, foam or felt masks (printable templates), secured with a string of elastic.


When the party’s over, don’t let guests ZOOM out without a Hefty® Slider Bag packed with yummy treats and candy.  


Party hosts will feel like the true heroes when they banish clean-up time using the ultimate super power: Hefty® disposable tableware and cups. 


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