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Snack for Success: From Kitchen to Desk

If you resolved to eat healthier this year, stick to it and improve your snacking habits at work by prepping for the full week ahead of time. This way, you’ll eat better on-the-go or at your desk from Monday through Friday. Hefty’s healthy snack ideas for work can be whipped up on Sunday in Hefty® Storage Slider Bags for easy storage, portability and clean-up:


Monday:  Get your fruit on with powerhouse, antioxidant-packed blackberries 


Tuesday: Veg out with sliced carrots and red bell peppers 


Wednesday: Go nuts with creamy peanut butter on a banana. Keep the peanut butter in a slider bag and cut off the corner for an easy-squeeze topping


Thursday: Come out of your shell with pistachios 


Friday: Mix things up with a custom trail mix: almonds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and cinnamon


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