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ARGH! Pirate Theme Party Ideas & Pirate Hook Craft Instructions

Looking to take over the seven seas in style? Host a swashbuckling soiree with these pirate theme party ideas! Let each guest create their own fierce pirate “hook” craft to accessorize their pirate costume. Use a Hefty® Everyday Red Cup and a sheet of Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil to painlessly transform your partiers into the toughest pirate crew around. Pair hooks with three-cornered black hats, eye patches and striped shirts for pure costumed perfection. Give your party a real sense of adventure with a pirate treasure scavenger hunt – hand out treasure maps, see if participants can find where “X” marks the spot!

Did you know? Pirates used to bury their treasure because they wanted to hide their valuable, stolen booty. They’d use obscure spots – like tiny islands – and return later to collect their treasure by following a map…or else it would get lost forever!   


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