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DIY Lemonade Stand

There’s no better way to teach the joy of a hard earned dollar than by giving kids their very own lemonade stand! On the next gorgeous summer’s day, watch this video to inspire your creation.

  • Build the “stand” section with two wooden crates and a flat plank of wood on top. Optional: paint crates in the color of your choice!
  • Decorate stand with lemon wedges made of Hefty® Everyday™ Foam plates – use 4 strips of tape to form 8 plate sections. Paint center of plate and around perimeter. Allow paint to dry and then carefully peel tape to reveal an adorable lemon design
  • Display fresh lemons in a bowl next to lemonade pitcher to entice potential customers
  • Serve up drinks in Hefty® Ultimate™ Easy Grip Crack Resistant Cups – kids can grasp them easily thanks to tread marks built into the design



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