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DIY Bird Feeders

Tweeting isn’t just for Internet! This spring, show your kids how to treat the original Tweeters, birds, with their very own DIY bird feeders. All you need is a Hefty® Everyday Foam Plate for a sturdy and easy clean-up surface, bird seed, peanut butter, ribbon and an empty toilet paper roll. Fly from here with these bird feeder craft directions:


  1. Coat the cardboard roll in an even layer of peanut butter
  2. Pour birdseed onto the plate 
  3. Roll your toilet paper roll slowly along the plate to coat the outside of the feeder in bird seed
  4. String ribbon through the bird feeder. Tie a bow to secure
  5. Hang your feeder from a nearby tree and watch the birds swoop in to feast!

Did you know: According to Audubon.org, over 350 species of birds in North America travel to the tropics each fall. Why not welcome them back home with a fun snack?

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