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4 Tips for a Clean Car

Between soccer carpooling, commuting and everyday errands, it is nearly impossible to keep a car mess-free! Combat the car clutter with Hefty’s helpful cleaning hints. 

Clean Car - 1

Keep children’s games in one place – store in a small Hefty® Storage Slider Bag and stash in the seat-back pocket behind the passenger seat for easy access.

Clean Car - 2

Minimize mold and odors – store damp beach or pool towels in our new Hefty® Ultra Strong trash bags on the ride home.

Clean Car - 3

No more rummaging through the glove compartment – protect important license and registration paperwork in a Hefty® Storage Slider Bag.

Clean Car - 4

Line a cereal canister with a Hefty® Multipurpose Trash Bag for a spill-proof trash receptacle.

Clean Car - 5

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